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There’s lots of 

ways to wake up

Coffee. Energy drinks. A bucket of ice on your tender parts. But let’s be honest—none of them taste that great, amirite? Shouldn’t there be a way to get energy without making a stink face? Energy that tastes great, even? That’s why we hatched this idea.

*Dark chocolate flavors only

Get through 

a long commute


Achieve inbox 

Zero. Huzzah!

Win a Nobel prize 
in Spreadsheeting

Our beloved bars and bites pack the same caffeinated goodness you’ll find in coffee or energy drinks, but in a delicious chocolate snack. It’s just the thing when you need energy to do more of whatever you do.

So try a whack, won’t you?
Meet Nevil, our official 
spokesowl and expert on 
staying AWAKE.