There's lots of ways to wake up.

Coffee. Energy drinks. A bucket of ice on your tender parts. But let's be honest-none of them taste that great, amrite? Shouldn't there be a way to get energy without making a stink face? Energy that tastes great, even? That's why we hatched this idea.


How To Stay Energized

Don't Take Sleep Lying Down.

You know the deal. There's stuff to do.
And it won't get done unless you're AWAKE.

1 Bar = A Cup of Joe

That's enough caffiene to boost your caboose when you're not done being awesome for the day.

Delivered to your Door

Deliveries right to your door in temperature-controlled snazzy boxes.

Feel The Delicious

Chocolate is nature's gift to your taste buds. Why not get your energy in the most delicious way possible?


I work the night shift, so these cute little chocolates are a big hit with the nurses! Taste great, easy to take it on the go if I don't have coffee ready. Wish there was a box of a variety of the chocolates combined together.


I love these so much! My work sold these if the cafeteria and I would always buy from there. Decided to get my own box because it adds up and I love them so much! They are my lifesavers when I need an extra boost and they really work.

Delicious chocolate bite that delivers a real pick-me-up

Wow, I’m so glad I found I can order these online! I first discovered these for sale at the Canteen at work. Ever since then I’ve purchased one a day, at the beginning of my 10-hour shift. These give me a good jolt of energy with much-needed caffeine. Many of my coworkers purchase these too. One colleague buys 4 bites every day! Ordering online costs half of what it costs at work. Looking forward to trying the peanut butter ones!

Revolutionary for the Caffeine Dependent Workaholic

Wow! I first found these at my campus convenience store. My first thought in the morning is coffee, and most of the rest of the day is dependent on caffeine to keep me up and focused. I am a pre-med student with a boyfriend across the country, and am constantly competing with lack of sleep. However, once I found these my afternoons/ evenings/ whenever were revolutionized. . These are 100000% worth it. I am in love. Thank you for making my life a whole lot better awake, and getting me through undergrad. <3

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