Top 5 Study Spots on UCalgary Campus By: Cassandra Morano - University of Calgary AWAKE Campus Manager

Top 5 Study Spots on UCalgary Campus By: Cassandra Morano - University of Calgary AWAKE Campus Manager

As students, when we hear “study spots”, what automatically comes to our minds? Libraries. But, as we all know at U of C, the Taylor Family Digital Library aka TFDL, is always packed! Every nook and cranny seems to already have students studying for their next Pysch test or stressing out about their SGMA report! So where else on campus are we able to get some good study time?

University of Calgary, awake chocolate

Pictured above is TFDL at night

Here’s my list of the 5 top study spaces on campus:

The Loft

The Loft is one of the most quiet and serene places to study on campus. Barely anyone knows about what and where the Loft even is! Located in the 4th floor of the MacEwan Student Centre (I bet you didn’t even know there was a 4th floor) right across the Women’s Resource Centre (WRC), you get to study in complete peace and silence. It also doesn’t hurt that you’re only a couple floors up from the Stor, so you can quickly grab yourself something to munch on while you study!

Bonus: There are outlets at every station AND they all work!

Pictured above is the MacEwan Student Centre (MacHall)

The Science Collaborative Space

This neat space is tucked quietly in the Science Theatres between the 2 big lecture halls. After undergoing renovation, the SCS has now been open to the public to serve as a collaborative space for students. There’s a long table available for students’ use, tons of comfy armchairs with working plug-ins, and a couple mini-workrooms to use! This is also a great space to study if you want a room with a little pop of colour!

Pictured above is the Science Collaborative Space in the Science Theatres

Education Block

The 1st and 2nd floor of the Education Block also has a nice space for you and your group to study and get together. They have long tables and really comfy couches that will give you and your work posse ample space to spread out and really hammer through those concepts that just aren’t making sense (ahem, Finance, anyone?).

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Pictured above is the Werklund School of Education building     

Scurfield Hall

On the 1st floor of Scurfield Hall there are a bunch of Syndicate rooms available for students to book. So whether you just want to have a nice quiet space to go over your Philosophy notes or to have a space for you and your group to “ham out” that group project that’s due in less than 5 hours, make sure to check it out! It also doesn’t hurt that being in these rooms gives off that “professional business-y” type feel (which I’m sure we all love)!

Pictured above is 3rd floor of Scurfield Hall

 The Law Library

The Bennett Jones library, aka the Law Library, would hands down be the quietest place for anyone to study on campus. Even though it’s called the Law Library, anyone can study in there. There’s a designated study space at the bottom floor for students outside the Faculty of Law. There’s a space for individual study as well as tables for you to study with a friend!

Pictured about is the inside of the Bennett Jones Library in the Faculty of Law