What does AWAKE give you the energy to do more of?

EVERYTHING! Long lectures aren’t so bad with AWAKE on hand. I’m also convinced my body is too old for my mind, so I get tired at 8pm, but I have an affinity for late night concerts. AWAKE helps me stay awake through the openers and between sets while I’m waiting for my favorite artists! - I always take extra in my purse to give to any friends I make while there, too.

Favorite thing about your college or university?

My favorite thing about CMU has to be the people! The environment is very welcoming and inclusive. Everyone here is so genuine, and we are all following our passions together. I love being a part of such an inspirational community of fantastic people.

What’s your go-to karaoke song?

Bohemian Rhapsody, key-changes and all. I live for that song. Honestly, I’ve never done karaoke, but every drive in my car is a carpool karaoke sesh, so that’s basically the same since all of my friends have heard me sing it multiple times. Or anything Beyoncé - she’s a queen.

Favorite food (other than chocolate of course)?

French fries dipped in gravy. Hands down. Or fries with cheese. I also live for good bread. I just really like carbs.

What’s your proudest accomplishment?

Being a cheerleading coach! I love seeing my girls light up when they learn new skills or hit new stunts. Cheerleading is one of my passions as well as teaching, so coaching combines the two perfectly. Knowing that I get to be a role model in these girls’ lives and make a difference as they grow up makes my heart so happy.